Creative Consultant & Designer

Wahida Clark

Wahida Clark is the creative mastermind behind multiple media design companies, consistently offering her vision and a slew of innovative ideas for projects of every kind. Some of Wahida’s most prominent work is in the book publishing industry, as she quickly became a top designer for Simon & Schuster and the go-to for many New York Times Bestselling authors. She has played an essential role in the brand design of countless authors, overseeing book launches and successes at every turn.

Wahida’s creative vision quickly extended into a multimedia empire. Her bold designs became essential for social media pioneers and influencers in the spotlight, creating viral campaigns that have trail-blazed through the internet and left lasting impressions in their wake. Some of Wahida’s remarkable achievements include the creation of Visual $weetness, Wahida Clark Presents Innovative Publishing, Nuance Art, ArtDiggs, Monologue Theater with Wahida Clark, and Wahida Clark’s Street Lit House Party.

Many of her designs touch eBook and print book covers, book formatting, campaign designs, social media graphics, and event branding. Wahida has worked with writers, brands, and influencers from all levels and walks of life and is currently accepting new ones.

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