I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m so glad you’re here! Now you may be wondering; where have I been, who have I worked with, and what exactly have I created? Take a deep dive into the archives to get an idea of what goes on inside the mind of Wahida Clark.

My ideas have been the catalyst for many remarkable events, including the Book Launch and campaign of Grandmaster Caz, which attracted hip hop icons like Freddie Foxx, Roxanne Shante, MC Shan, Melle Mel, The Cold Crush Brothers, and Bahamadia. Campaigns such as these prove that the creative talent at Visual $weetness can not only be seen on a book cover or screen, but something to be experienced as well.

I successfully launched and campaigned for Janine Detore’s Bitchen’ in the Kitchen, which is a #1 Bestseller on Amazon. After her debut on Staten Island Hustle, Janine creates a hilarious and endearing portrait of her big family and how to cook, be present, and care for one another during such distracting times.

Bringing out my versatility in graphic design, I also developed the creative direction and design of Alexis Grave’s bestselling children’s book Little Miss Bright-Eyes, which displays the many challenges that are faced by today’s children with warmth and understanding.

Over the long term, I have been the brand designer for several of Brenda Jackson’s bestselling romance novels, which feature beautiful and enticing Black love stories. Brenda was the first African American author to make The New York Times and USA Today’s bestseller list in the romance genre. Many of her passion-filled novels have been made into films.

I also have had the pleasure of designing the patches on Rick Ross’s varsity jacket for Anderson. Paak’s music video of CUT EM IN. Ross’s custom jacket can be seen in the first scene of the music video and throughout, and he and .Paak dominate the social scene and have fun on the last day at their high school.

With Urban Fiction as my specialty, I worked with Aisha Hall, Jamila T. Davis, and Sunshine Smith-Williams on their brand design and graphics for their book The Pink Panther Clique. Inspired by real-life events, their riveting tale chronicles life in prison for three women.

And it didn’t stop there; I worked with Aisha Hall again in presenting her book Baltimore Raw, which gives the reader an in-depth understanding of the hardships of several characters living in Baltimore. Urban Fiction is a safe haven for many Black writers, like Aisha, who want to expand literature to tell Black stories the way Black people want them to be told.

I’ve had the surreal pleasure of working with numerous hip-hop icons, like Mama Jones from Love & Hip Hop: New York. Together we created an unrivaled campaign for her book Mama Jones: My Guide To Love and Romance. In this spirited manual, Mama Jones presents a real and down-to-earth take on love, relations2hips, and spirituality. I worked on the formatting and graphic design to bring Jones’s personality and bold view of life to the forefront.

With so many years specializing in brand design and graphics for Street Lit stars, I’ve created a multifaceted empire that has touched many ideas, stories, and voices worth hearing. The prodigal Simon & Schuster quickly partnered with me for their Cash Money Content, which features vivid and eye-catching designs and impactful brand design.

In addition to all of this, I’ve been able to pioneer many creative projects of my own. For Monologue Theater with Wahida Clark I compiled stunning talent for house music, special DJ performances, and monologue shows starring Bill Duck, Kim Coles, Rico Hound, and more. I’ve also worked with several talented and passionate people to create entire productions based on Street Literature and Theater.

Hungry for more? You can find a long list of affiliates and a variety of projects on Wahida Clark Publishing.

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